Why Do I Need To Play Licensed Music?


When playing or performing music in public, like in your business, you must have the proper rights. Whether it’s a coffee shop, shoe store, medical office, hotel, spa, hair salon, or whatever, a business must have the proper licenses to play music.

The purpose of the United States Copyright Law is to protect the rights of artists, authors, composers and publishers to their work. When anyone plays or performs music in public, or distributes music in any form, they must have the rights to that music. If not, U.S. federal copyright laws call for severe legal and financial penalties.

While these licenses also protect you, they are really designed to protect the artists you know and love so they receive the proper compensation for their work and can continue to write and create the music that entertains the world.

Mood Media and Business Music Licensing

Mood Media understands the intricacies of music licensing. We have negotiated agreements with music publishers and record labels around the world.

  • Master Rights – Mood Media has direct licenses with all the major record labels – Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music – and nearly 5,000 independent record labels.
  • Mechanical Rights – Mood Media has direct licenses for the mechanical rights with thousands of catalogs throughout the world as well as with the Harry Fox Agency.
  • Performance Rights – Mood Media holds direct licenses with ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange, SESAC as well as other performance rights organizations.
  • Mood Media has partnered with iHeartRadio to provide a licensed version of their service for business use.

iHeartRadio and Personal Use Licensing

iHeartRadio, without a Mood Media account and player, is for personal use only. If you're playing iHeartRadio at your business for your clients or customers, this is considered commercial use and is not permitted by iHeartRadio's music licenses, Terms of Use, or U.S. copyright law.