How does iHeartRadio for Business work?

It's easy.

We'll guide you through signing up and getting everything you need to use iHeartRadio for your business.

$24.95/per month + $99 for player
Sign Up

Step One:

Sign up for an iHeartRadio for Business Subscription

You will create an iHeartRadio for Business account and we'll ship you a media player.

Step Two:

Connect your media player

After receiving your media player, connect it to your soundsystem and the internet. The media player easily connects to soundsystems through RCAs (included).

Step Three:

Pair your iHeartRadio account with the media player

Sign up for a free iHeartRadio account or use an existing one and pair it to the device. We provide easy step by step instructions.

Step Four:

Explore, Create, and Enjoy

Use your iHeartRadio account online or through the mobile device app to explore, select, and save live radio and custom stations. These stations will pair with your media player for easy selection in your business.

Dial in the perfect soundtrack for your business. Start exploring, creating, enjoying today!