Activate the iHeartRadio ProFusion iS Media Player

Once you receive your iHeartRadio ProFusion iS media player you will need to activate it. Activating your player will link it to your iHeartRadio account. This allows you to play your existing iHeartRadio stations on your ProFusion iS player.

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What's Needed to Activate Your Player

  1. iHeartRadio account. If you do not have one - sign up here:
  2. Mood Media iHeartRadio for Business account - sign up here:
  3. ProFusion iS media player
  4. Broadband connection with a wired Ethernet connection
  5. Audio speakers and amplification equipment

How To Activate Your Player

Activating your ProFusion iS is easy and will only take just a few minutes. Ensure that your player is connected to your broadband internet service.

Using the Navigation buttons on the front of your ProFusion iS:

  1. Press * to access the menu.
  2. Press the button until the '>' on the LCD display is next to iHeartRadio Control. Press * again.
  3. Verify the '>' is next to Activation. Press *.
  4. Your activation code will be displayed. Please write it down and leave your ProFusion iS on this menu for now.
  5. Click the "Activate Now" button at the top of this page. You will be taken to the iHeartRadio for Business activation site where you will enter your activation code.
  6. Log into iHeart Radio and pick your favorite music stations.
  7. After completing the online portion, return to your ProFusion iS. You should see an "Activation Successful" message when your ProFusion iS has connected to your iHeartRadio account. This may take a few minutes.

Note: If there was a problem with the activation process, you will see "Activation Failed - Message." If you see this, please write down the message and contact Mood Media at 855.345.5223.

How To Connect the ProFusion iS Media Player

Audio: Always connect audio cables prior to powering on your ProFusion iS player.

Turn the volume on your amplification equipment completely down and then turn the power off before installing your ProFusion iS. Only plug your ProFusion iS power supply into a properly wired outlet which is in good working order. Use of switched outlets, power strips and extension cords should be avoided. To avoid being inadvertently powered off, never plug your ProFusion iS into a switched outlet.

  1. Place your ProFusion iS in an area with adequate ventilation space.
  2. Connect the cables in this order: (1) White RCA cable to Zone 1/L and red RCA cable to Zone 2/R and the other ends to your amplifier or sound system. (2) Ethernet cable to your ProFusion iS and to your available Ethernet port. (3) The external power adapter to your ProFusion iS.
  3. Plug the other end of the external power adapter into an 'always on' wall outlet. If a switch controls the outlet you are using, please ensure this switch is always on.